The La Cibeles brewery offers an ideal environment for carrying out business activities, product presentations, meetings with clients, team building, in which the following characteristics are required:

  • A unique location. You are ‘inside’ a craft beer factory where everything can be seen, touched, smelled and tasted.
  • A curious activity. The courses of tasting and tasting of beer as a complement to an activity are the relaxing time and at the same time didactic you are looking for the attendees.
  • An example of innovation. In a company founded in crisis, with few resources, it has been internationally recognized and awarded even in Japan 😉
  • A gastronomic experience. When you combine the beer tasting with a good catering. La Cibeles is in Michelin starred restaurants.

Room for presentations or Dining room: We have a living room with tables for 60 people sitting and another 60 standing. With the following equipment:
Stereo 2000Watt RMS


  • Microphone
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • Pool table
  • Bar with 5 beer taps
  • Small kitchen
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