Beer is composed of four basic ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast, which added to the different steps of the production process, grinding, maceration, filtration, cooking, fermentation and refermentation (if applicable) These variables are huge. As huge as the types of beer currently on the world market.
Our goals in tastings are:

  • Introduce the world of beer
  • Teaching the basic processes of the elaboration
  • Observe, touch, smell and taste the raw materials
  • Qatar beers and know why they taste like that, they smell that way and they are that color
  • To know and recognize the defects in the elaboration
  • Test, before anyone else, the tests of the new beers (some will never go on the market)
  • Have a nice time as it can not be otherwise
  • And all this enlivened by the beer staff of Cervezas La Cibeles.

Our goal is to broaden the world view of beer. The topics discussed are:
History of beer

  • Ingredients
  • Productive processes
  • Visit to the facilities
  • How do you taste a beer?
  • Tasting of assorted beers (3)

Duration: adaptable from 1h to 2h

Supports: It has a projector can be projected a presentation that will serve as a documentary support which will facilitate the understanding of the subject.